In Padua, “Pietro Bembo and the invention of the Renaissance”

19 February 2013

For about two decades between the 1520s and the 1540s, Palazzo Camerini in Padua (today in via Altinate) was one of the most notable places of the Italian Renaissance, where Pietro Bembo had his house and home. He spent most of his adulthood in that villa with garden, where he welcomed the friends and pupils […]

Collages in exile: Kurt Schwitters at Tate Britain

29 January 2013

Newspaper scraps, bus tickets, food wrappings, leaves, rope and fabric pieces, even cigarette ends. For Kurt Schwitters, no object was unworthy of attention. The task he had taken up—perhaps a playful one in the beginning, even though its repercussions on his life turned out as dramatic—was precisely this: “A complete breach of inhibitions […] creating […]

Ana Tzarev’s flowers of joy, at Rome’s Palazzo Venezia

15 January 2013

Big, pulpy and joyful flowers will light up Rome’s winter in 2013. Starting from today (January 15), Ana Tzarev’s solo exhibition “The life of flowers” opens up at the museum of Palazzo Venezia, in the Room of the Old Refectory. Born in Croatia in 1937, Tzarev has been extraneous to the art world until her […]

Rembrandt and Morandi: a “distancing closeness” at the Uffizi Gallery

11 January 2013

Though separated by three centuries, Rembrandt and Giorgio Morandi find themselves side-to-side at the Uffizi, for the winter exhibition of the Cabinet of Drawings and Prints. Forty engravings, equally divided between the two authors, once again attest to the influence of the Dutch painter on the Bologna born artist. The miracle of closeness, or better […]

“In the Light of Amarna: 100 years of the Find of Nefertiti”, at Berlin’s Neues Museum

18 December 2012

6 December 1912 represents a memorable date for the archaeological exploration of Egypt. On that day, in the site of Tell el-Amarna on the East bank of of the Nile, 300 km South of Cairo, the polychrome bust of queen Nefertiti was discovered. One century later, an exhibition at Berlin’s Neues Museum sheds new light […]