The Amici della Scala met artist and musician Benjamin Skepper

18 January 2013

One of the most pleasant encounters the Amici della Scala have in the last months was that with artist and musician Benjamin Skepper. We met him last November after seeing his extraordinary performance in Milan’s Palazzo Serbelloni, where he played for the Amica magazine’s 50th anniversary party (see the recently-released video below). A few days […]

Remembering Luciano Berio, in the anniversary of his birth

27 October 2012

We chose a set of three videos to remember Luciano Berio, whose birth anniversary has been celebrated a few days ago, on the 24th October. Through this set you can read some of the many faces of this Twentieth-century Italian Maestro. Both an experimenter and a populizer, Berio knew well, as Angelo Foletto argued in […]