For Franco Zeffirelli’s 90th birthday, a dedication from the Amici della Scala

12 February 2013

In the book we dedicated to the Maestro, Zeffirelli alla Scala, our President Anna Crespi wrote:


“Zeffirelli has expressed his inspiration in all forms of entertainment, with unwavering respect for each different text staged or recreated on screens… From his artistic personality and love of musical text have sprung the innumerable inventions of atmospheres, settings, figures, movements and gestures which Zeffirelli has lavished on the Scala stage…”



For his 90th birthday, the Amici della Scala and their President wish their Honorary Member 2000 more years of brilliant youth.


The pictures in this page were taken on the 22th November 2006, during the presentation of the book “Zeffirelli alla Scala”. From above: a portrait of Franco Zeffirelli by Carla De Bernardi; Anna Crespi, Franco Zeffirelli, Stephane Lissner and Vittoria Crespi Morbio durinf the book presentation (photo by Raimondo Santucci); Franco Zeffirelli and Giulietta Simionato (photo by Raimondo Santucci).

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