20 November 2012: diary of a special evening

30 November 2012

On the last 20th November, to celebrate the oncoming premiere of La Scala’s 2013 season, the Amici della Scala officially invited members, friends and guests to La Scala’s “Arturo Toscanini” boxes foyer. In the wonderful hall crowded with men and women from the literature, art, business, finance and theatrical worlds, at the presence of some of the highest representatives of La Scala and the Milan municipality, the Amici della Scala presented their last editorial works.

Stéphane Lissner, Artistic Director of La Scala, gave the opening speech expressing  intense appreciations for the work of the Amici della Scala and for that of our President, Mrs Anna Crespi. Lissner then remarked how the annual publications curated by the Amici della Scala give a fundamental support to the mission of preserving the historical heritage of the artists who contributed to La Scala’s glory and greatness.

A sign of high esteem then came from Stefano Boeri, head of the culture department of Milan’s municipality. Boeri incisively underlined the importance of the Amici della Scala’s commitment for the safeguard and reaffirmation of Culture.

“Giuseppe Palanti. Belle Époque in teatro 1903-1916″ has been the first of the five essays published by the Amici della Scala and curated by Vittoria Crespi Morbio to be presented during the evening. This special volume for the 7th December 2012 première is dedicated to an extraordinary, eclectic figure of the artistic scene of the early Twentieth century.

The Amici della Scala also printed four new monographs which enrich the authoritative collection “Gli artisti dello spettacolo alla Scala”. The new titles constitute investigations upon the works respectively of Adolphe Appia, Boris Bilinsky, Mario Sironi and Sylvano Bussotti. Amply applauded by the public, the 81-year-old Bussotti was called on the stage to receive the honorary membership of the Amici della Scala.

A brief, intense intervention of the books’ curator Vittoria Crespi Morbio was followed by a charming musical moment. The young and talented soprano Pretty Yende, accompanied at the piano by the Maestro James Vaughan, performed two splendid arias by Bellini and Donizetti. The public responded with enthusiasm, asking for an encore.

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