The Scottish Colourist series: SJ Peploe at Edinburgh’s National Gallery

21 November 2012

When, in May 2011, Samuel John Peploe’s “The Coffee Pot” was sold for £937.250 at a Christie’s auction in London – thus setting a record for a Scottish painting – it became apparent that something had changed in the reputation of the Scottish colourists. That the movement’s rediscovery, already started in the 1980s, doesn’t concern […]

At Milan’s Hangar Bicocca, a dive into Tomàs Saraceno’s floating cities

24 October 2012

Can art shape new ways of living? Yes, but only if it combines with science. Argentine, 1973 born Tomàs Saraceno has built an entire career upon this idea. During the last years, he went as smoothly from exhibiting at Berlin’s Hamburger Bahnhof and New York’s Metropolitan Museum to working with Nasa and the Massachusetts Institute […]

At Zurich’s Kunsthaus, the rare graphic works by Paul Gauguin

16 October 2012

For some artists, especially those from the recent past, success looks more like a punishment: they are exploited and trivialised by the art business, and their exhibitions are unbearably overcrowded. Sometimes though, one has the chance to enjoy their work in a different milieu, more private and authentic. This happens today in Zurich, where the local […]

At the Prado, Goya’s Drawings restored and the vibrant “Aun aprendo”

9 October 2012

An old man with a long white beard, a feet-length tunic, cautiously makes his way against a dark backdrop, bent over on his two sticks. Above his head is the inscription “I’m still learning”. Amongst Francisco Goya’s works, this small drawing is by no means the most celebrated, outside the scholarly circle. And yet there’s […]

One exhibition, one question: the “Century of the child” at MoMA

28 September 2012

It wasn’t just the century of world wars, of great regimes and the ideological clash. The twentieth century was also the century of the child. Almost everywhere in the world, serving the most diverse political and philosophical causes, hundreds of designers built toys, school desks, outfits, books and images for our children. From Bauhaus to […]